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Youth Activities Showcased at Saline County Fair

Written by Chelsea Corkins, Saline 4-H Specialist

Families and youth gathered in Marshall for the 2022 Saline County Fair held July 9-17. The County Fair provides youth with an opportunity to improve communication skills, teamwork abilities, and ultimately take pride in presenting their year-long projects. Highlights include a variety of livestock shows, 4-H and FFA project displays, and the Premium Sale held Friday evening. This year, more than $140,000 was donated to youth involved in the sale. New this year was the Champion’s Row – an opportunity for winning youth from each species to meet the sale donors prior to the sale. 4-H also introduced eight new Best in Show awards for the top projects among the more than 650 entries presented for judging and 148 advancing to the Missouri State Fair. 

Results from the Saline County Fair include:

Fashion Revue: Clothes You Buy – Junior Grand Champion Telynn Shaw, Junior Reserve Champion Braelyn Johnson; Intermediate Grand Champion Azlann Buck; Intermediate Reserve Champion Mattalie Shaw; Senior Grand Champion Andi Gooden, FFA – Grand Champion Ashtyn Johnson; Knitting – Grand Champion Braelyn Johnson.

Public Speaking and Demonstrations: Prepared Speaking – Intermediate Grand Champion Mary Butner, Senior Grand Champion Andi Gooden, Senior Reserve Champion Joseph Martinez-Kurtti; Extemporaneous Speaking – Intermediate Grand Champion Brodey Bartlett, Senior Grand Champion Andi Gooden; Tech Assisted – Intermediate Grand Champion Bailee Vogel, Intermediate Reserve Champion Kaidyn Foster; Egg Demonstration – Intermediate Grand Champion Brodey Bartlett; Cooking with Honey – Intermediate Grand Champion Bailee Vogel.


General Demonstration – Junior Grand Champion Charlot Thornton, Reserve Champion Ty Mullins; Intermediate Grand Champion Audrey Tinoco, Reserve Champion Ty Murphy; Senior Grand Champion Caden Bothel; Working Demo – Junior Grand Champion Bricen Vogel, Intermediate Grand Champion Bailee Vogel, Reserve Champion Chloe Anderson; Senior Grand Champion Bailey Riley.

Sportsfishing: Junior 1st Place – Hagen Brandt, 2nd Place Tinley Thomas; Intermediate 1st Place – Ty Murphy; 2nd Place – Whit Thomas.

Dog Show: Beginner’s Obedience Grand Champion – Haley Baker and Theo; Reserve Champion – Taylor Gotmer and Lucy; Advanced Obedience Grand Champion – Haley Baker and Maisy, Reserve Champion – Andi Gooden and Lola; Beginner’s Showmanship Grand Champion – Sammy Kirchhoff and Charlie; Advanced Showmanship Grand Champion – Andi Gooden and Lola, Reserve Champion – Haley Baker and Theo.

Meats: Grand Champion Bacon – Owen Schroeder, Reserve Champion Bacon – Avery Schroeder; Grand Champion Smoked Ham – Andrea Anderson, Reserve Champion Smoked Ham Jaxson Gooden; Grand Champion Non-Smoked Ham – Andrea Anderson, Reserve Champion Non-Smoked Ham – Bailee Vogel.

Shooting Sports: Junior Archery 1st Ben Kruger, 2nd Owen Schroeder, 3rd Braelyn Johnson; Intermediate Archery 1st Ben Kirchhoff, 2nd Davis Wilkinson, 3rd Mary Butner; Senior Archery 1st Dalyn Johnson, 2nd Abigail Mueller, 3rd Sophia Bolser; Junior Air Rifle 1st Brady Grossenburg, 2nd Tinley Thomas, 3rd Easton Boggs; Intermediate Air Rifle 1st Caydence Pauley, 2nd Alivia Walbourn, 3rd Avery Schroeder; Junior Air Pistol 1st Spencer Kruger, 2nd Ben Kruger, 3rd Braelyn Johnson; Intermediate Air Pistol 1st Ashtyn Johnson, 2nd Baileey Vogel, 3rd Whit Thomas; Junior Small-bore Rifle 1st Ben Kruger, 2nd Spencer Kruger; Intermediate Small-bore Rifle 1st Chloe Anderson, 2nd Andrea Anderson, 3rd Bailee Vogel; Senior Small-bore Rifle 1st Troy Mullins, 2nd Samantha Mueller, 3rd Abigail Mueller; Senior Small-bore Pistol 1st Tyler Surface; Intermediate Shotgun 1st Chloe Anderson, 2nd Ben Kirchhoff, 3rd Clayton Butner; Senior Shotgun 1st Blake Livengood, 2nd Conner Newton, 3rd Troy Mullins; Junior Western Heritage 1st Jaxson Williams, 2nd Emily Livengood; Intermediate Western Heritage 1st Chloe Anderson, 2nd Brodey Bartlett, 3rd Andrea Anderson; Senior Western Heritage 1st Conner Newton, 2nd Blake Livengood, 3rd Tyler Surface.

Sheep: Yearling Champion Ewe – Sophia Bolser, Reserve Yearling Champion Ewe – Sophia Bolser; Cross Champion Ewe – Hunter Browning, Reserve Cross Ewe – Hannah Browning; Supreme Grand Champion Ewe – Sophia Bolser, Reserve Supreme Champion Ewe – Sophia Bolser; Grand Champion Ram – Hunter Browning, Reserve Grand Champion Ram – Hannah Browning; Champion Market Lamb – Keelee Price, Reserve Champion Market Lamb – Keelee Price.

Goats: Junior Champion Doe – Evan Funk, Reserve Champion – Bailee Vogel; Grand Champion Yearling – Janessa VanHook, Reserve Champion Yearling – Evan Funk; Senior Champion Doe – Telynn Shaw, Reserve Champion – Mattalie Shaw; Supreme Grand Doe – Evan Funk, Reserve Supreme Grand Doe – Janessa VanHook; Grand Champion Buck – Evan Funk, Reserve Champion Buck – Bailee Vogel; Grand Champion Market – Janessa VanHook, Reserve Grand Market – Evan Funk; Supreme Grand Champion Dairy Goat – Hunter Browning, Reserve Supreme Grand Dairy Goat – Hannah Browning.

Rabbits: Grand Champion Meat Pen – Connor Grossenburg, Reserve Champion Meat Pen – Brodey Bartlett; Best of Show – Hannah Browning, Reserve Best of Show – Natali VanHook; Grand Champion Senior Buck – Hannah Browning, Reserve Champion Brodey Bartlett; Grand Champion Senior Doe – Natali VanHook, Reserve Champion – Leslie Williams; Grand Champion Intermediate Doe – Bailee Vogel, Reserve Champion – Kylee Bothel; Grand Champion Junior Buck – Brady Grossenburg, Reserve Champion – Jaxson Williams; Grand Champion Junior Doe – Leslie Williams, Reserve Champion – Connor Grossenburg; Grand Champion Normal Colored Fur – Brodey Bartlett, Reserve Champion – Baylee Renken; Grand Champion Normal White Fur – Brady Grossenburg, Reserve Champion Hannah Browning; Grand Champion Color Rex Fur – Natali VanHook, Reserve Champion – Bailee Vogel; Grand Champion Colored Satin Fur – Hannah Browning; Grand Champion Wool Fur – Bricen Vogel, Reserve Champion – Emmarie Bothel.

Poultry: Champion Bantam – Haley Baker, Reserve Champion – Haley Baker; Champion Non-Std Production – Braelyn Johnson, Reserve Champion – Braelyn Johnson; Champion Meat Pen – Brodey Bartlett; Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit – Brodey Bartlett; Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit – Haley Baker; Grand Champion Waterfowl – Brodey Bartlett, Reserve Grand Waterfowl – Brodey Bartlett; Grand Champion Large Fowl – Bailee Vogel, Reserve Grand Large Fowl – Emmarie Bothel.

Swine: Champion CPS Gilt – Carson Price, Reserve Champion – Keegan Brewer; Champion NSR Gilt – Charlot Thornton, Reserve Champion – Carson Price; Champion Dark Cross Gilt – Emma Sims, Reserve Champion – Carson Price; Champion Light Cross Gilt – Cole Murphy, Reserve Champion – Keelee Price; Grand Champion Gilt – Cole Murphy, Reserve Grand Champion Gilt – Emma Sims; Champion CPS Hog – Kaden Sims, Reserve Champion – Jarret Fuehring; Champion NSR Hog – Emma Sims, Reserve Grand – Tylea Collins; Champion Dark Cross Hog – Dylan Hayworth, Reserve Champion – Ty Murphy; Champion Light Cross Hog – Carson Price, Reserve Champion – Kendall Brewer; Grand Champion Hog – Dylan Hayworth, Reserve Grand Champion Hog – Ty Murphy; Junior Showmanship – Kaden Sims, Intermediate – Keelee Price, Senior – Emma Sims.

Cattle: Grand Champion Market Beef – Avery Schroeder, Reserve Champion Steer – Kaden Sims; 

Grand Champion Female – Ty Murphy, Reserve Grand Champion Female – Cole Murphy; Champion Crossbred – Cole Murphy, Reserve Champion – Bailey Riley; Champion Shorthorn Plus – Avery Schroeder; Champion Red Angus – Charlie Tyre, Reserve Champion – Tate Malter; Champion Simmental Solution – Wyatt Tyre, Reserve Champion Brody Kueker; Champion Simmental – Addison Durham, Reserve Champion Bennett Kueker; Champion Saler Optimizer – Kaileen Dohrman, Reserve Champion Tanner Dohrman; Champion Hereford – Ty Murphy, Reserve Champion – Kerrigan Page; Champion Chi – Kenn Lemmon, Reserve Champion – Azlann Buck; Champion Charolais Composite – Jaden Riley; Champion Angus – Tate Malter, Reserve Champion – Tate Malter; Champion Bull – Melanie Durham; Junior Showmanship – Owen Schroeder, Intermediate – Avery Schroeder, Senior – Kaileen Dohrman

Brownfield Youth in Ag 2022 Saline County – Sophia Bolser

Horse High Points: Junior – Telynn Shaw, Intermediate – Kamryn Hedrick, Senior – Sophia Bolser; Overall High Point Overall – Kamryn Hedrick, 2nd Overall –Telynn Shaw

Bailey Horse Sportsmanship Award – Karlea Bolser

Livestock Judging: Boys 8-14 – 1st Bennett Kueker, 2nd Jack Dowell, 3rd Avery Schroeder, 4th Kaden Sims, 5th Troy Mullins; Boys 15-21 – 1st Dylan Hayworth, 2nd Jared Coyer, 3rd Keegan Brewer, 4th Tate Malter; Girls 8-14 – 1st Azlann Buck, 2nd Braelyn Johnson, 3rd Jillian Vogelsmeier, 4th Aleigha Thomas, 5th Addison Durham; Girls 15-21 – 1st Moly Malter, 2nd Kenna Lemmon, 3rd McKenzie Dowell, 4th Sophia Bolser, 5th Lauren King

Round Robin Showmanship: Junior – Champion Kaden Sims, Reserve Braelyn Johnson, 3rd Charlot Thornton, 4th Tylea Collins, 5th Owen Schroeder; Intermediate – Champion Joanna Rhea, Reserve Ty Murphy, 3rd Jillian Vogelsmeier, 4th Keelee Price, 5th Avery Schroeder; Senior – Champion DeLana Vogelsmeier, Reserve Emma Sims, 3rd Kenna Lemmon, 4th Sophia Bolser, 5th Dylan Hayworth; Champion Overall DeLana Vogelsmeier, Reserve Overall Joanna Rhea

Barnyard Olympics: High School 1st Cooper Rugen, 2nd Jackson Mullins, 3rd Hunter Browning; 7th and 8th Grade – 1st (tie) Grace Pointer and Jacob Christy, 3rd Ella Hall; 6th Grade and under – 1st Kaden Sims, 2nd Maxon Sims, 3rd Calahan Brandt

Poultry High Point Exhibitor, Sponsored by Gerry and Kris Snapp – Brodey Bartlett

Outstanding FFA Chapter Award, Sponsored by Saline County Farm Bureau – Sweet Springs

Grand Champion FFA Exhibit – Dalyn Johnson

4-H Best in Show Awards: 8th: Tylea Collins, Succulent Arrangement, 7th: Kamryn Hedrick, Horse Diamond Painting, 6th: Hannah Griggs, Jean Tote Bag, 5th: Brodey Bartlett, Chicken Wire Sun Catcher, 4th: Andrea Gooden, Dramatic Interpretation Outfit, 3rd: Hunter Browning, Bottle Bar, 2nd: Nikki Gooden, RWB Quilt, 1st: Cooper Rugen, woodworking fishing pole holder

Johnny Page Memorial Beef Award – Bailey Riley

Livestock Traveling Trophy – Tate Malter

Multipurpose Exhibit High Point: Male – Benjamin Kruger, Female – Addison Livengood

Livestock Exhibit High Point: Male – Bricen Vogel, Female – Hannah Browning

Overall Fair High Point: Male – Brodey Bartlett; Female – Bailee Vogel

For questions regarding 4-H, the Fair, or other agriculture related topics, please contact the Saline County Extension office at or 660-886-6908. Also follow us on Facebook at SalineCountyNWMissouri4H. 

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